About Appetiso

Fish 'N' Chips anyone? A visit to London is incomplete without the English breakfast or for that matter, the popular Fish 'n' Chips. When one visualizes London, images of Red Double Decker Buses, Big Ben, and London Bridge come flooding to the mind. But - what of the cuisine? London and Fish 'N Chips are almost synonymous with each other.

What if the flavours of London make their way into the City of Joy? Sounds delightful?

APPETISO (a food brand owned by Food Xpress - Calcutta), promises to bring you the very exciting street food from London – mainly Ole' Style Fish'N Chips. When it comes to food, their ideology is simple: "To serve delicious food which is not only of High Quality & Hygiene but also Sumptuous, Scrumptious and Appetising! That's the principle that has brought them so far. "It's the assurance we provide every day to our customers who bet on us to keep delivering quantity, quality and value for money" – says their Director...

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